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March 01, 2022

Baltimore Home Automation 101

Are you interested in having more flexibility and peace of mind in your busy lifestyle? Have you heard about automated homes and have an interest in learning how to modify your own property? This guide -- Home Automation 101 in Baltimore -- is designed to explain how you might utilize modern home security tools to make your everyday life less of a challenge and more energy-efficient.

You can introduce automation to home security with certainty, and have your home's lighting, locks, comfort levels, and additional connected devices serve your unique requirements.

What Is Home Automation In Baltimore?

If you are a current homeowner or plan to purchase a house, you may have asked this question: What is home automation in Baltimore? Generally, a home automation system oversees and controls a range of devices within your residence, so you no longer need to. You can set home features like smart bulbs, locks, and HVAC controls to act without you being physically present. In other words, you’ll no longer have to flip a switch to brighten your lights or touch the dial on the wall to change the thermostat.

Automation brings versatility and convenience to your residence

Smart home automation will vary based on your needs. For instance, you can set your devices to act according to a schedule that you’ve instituted through your home’s smart hub or smartphone app. Or arrange your devices to function in unison to make the ultimate ambience for watching a movie or for bedtime. Or you could have various smart sensors interact with each other so that your property is always comfortable and safe. You can even control your automated devices with spoken words if you link with an Alexa or Google speaker.

As you might expect, you need to install a properly equipped home automation package to have effective remote administration and schedule programming. Numerous homeowners are most successful joining home automation devices to a security system. Most security systems already have the ability to direct cameras and alarms via a central hub or cell phone security app. Including your smart lights or other automated devices lets you schedule everything together. Additionally, utilizing your security system for your home’s automated equipment means that you only have to learn a solitary platform for all of your connected systems.

Implement These Smart Home Ideas In Baltimore

There is a range of advantageous smart home ideas for your Baltimore property. Consider these options to experience a level of functionality you may not have thought possible:

  • Smart lights: Have you ever arisen during the night and realized you forgot to switch off the lights in the living room or kitchen? How would you like to tap your mobile device and lower them without being forced from your warm bed? You might want to consider a fixed schedule and have your lights brighten at different intervals to make it seem like your house is inhabited when you're not there. You can even program your smart lights to illuminate when your exterior cameras detect suspicious movements around your house.

  • Smart entry locks: The unwise yet common practice of putting a key under your doormat is thankfully no longer needed if you use smart locking systems. Give your loved ones with a customized PIN number or you could unlock your doors directly from your smartphone. In the event you need to permit access to a friend during a time when you're away, create a restricted code and obtain a phone update as the locks activate.

  • Fire, flood, and CO detection: Immediately know when a disaster strikes with monitored fire, flood, or carbon monoxide detectors. Check the current state of your sensors through your smartphone and receive warnings whenever one of these devices is triggered. Program other elements to respond to certain situations, like prompting your HVAC fan if your fire detectors activate. These important safety measures are even connected to 24-hour monitoring for added peace of mind.

  • Home security cameras: Your integrated surveillance cameras have the ability to give you an instant view of your home and surroundings whenever you like. Examine a live video stream directly on your smartphone or send clips to the cloud. Another preferred installation is a convenient doorbell camera, which notifies you as someone approaches. You can communicate via the 2-way talk function while your interior lights automatically turn on.

  • Smart thermostats: You no longer have to adjust your thermostat dial manually. Instead, fix your smart thermostat to activate according to your preferences. For instance, automatically reduce the heat or A/C when you're at work. Then you can have your system go up to a more comfortable temperature an hour or so before you return. Or use your mobile security app to view the temperature from any location and alter it accordingly.

Enjoy The Perks Of Smart Home Automation In Baltimore

With all these components, is home automation actually worth it? Luckily, home automation is more than simply a fun tool to turn on your locks and lights from your smartphone. Learn how automation brings real perks to your daily life.

  • Safety: Home automation has clear and valuable security implications. Make your residence look lived in when you're away with preset lights and see visitors with an automated doorbell camera. Get phone notifications and have your home brighten when a motion sensor or alarm is tripped. Smart locking systems, cameras, and items like fire and flood detectors all provide a heightened level of security for your property.

  • Simply your life: When using the scheduling feature, you won’t have to think about turning off the lights or securing your entryways, as your system will handle it for you. Inspect your various implements when you're away, and control almost every aspect of your system remotely. Create scenes like movie night that balance your components in the perfect manner to obtain the right mood and comfort. You might even tell your AI assistant on the way you wish to have your interior and watch your home respond in an instant.

  • Energy efficiency: A leading reason to implement home automation is that it may save you money. To be honest, there probably are individuals in your house who forget to do certain tasks like turn off lights. By placing your home’s lighting on a schedule, you won't be using electricity all hours of the day. Reduce utility expenses by adjusting your comfort levels for times when you're away. Did you forget to lower the air when you went on vacation? That’s OK, as you can adjust it right from your hotel room.

Ready To Go Beyond Home Automation 101 In Baltimore?

If you are asking yourself, "how was I able to live without automation previously," you should speak with your security experts. We are here to show you what’s possible -- from smart lights to surveillance systems -- and customize the perfect package for you. Just reach out to (410) 934-3289 or send in the following form.