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November 11, 2021

Can Home Security Signs Deter Intrusion In Baltimore?

There's a general idea that putting a home security sign next to your primary entry is all you need to ward off criminals. Basically, a burglar will find visible warning and go on past. So why not only implement a home security sign in Baltimore and skip a real home security system? Frankly, some think that a security system isn’t needed, just get a home security sign in Baltimore. It’s the home security sign that deters intrusion in Baltimore instead of your alarm system.

Even though there is a benefit to displaying signs and decals from respected security companies like ADT®, it’s not all you need to dissuade every intruder. Instead, you're better off reinforcing them with some actual security measures. You will likely agree it’s a safer alternative than simply assuming that your home security signs will deter intrusion in Baltimore.

A Layered Defense Is The Best Approach

Protecting your property with different security layers is a smart approach for ensuring the safety of your house. A comprehensive home security system should include door and window sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, high-def doorbell video, motion-sensor floodlights, and smart locking systems. Your signage warns potential intruders that these layers exist but they will only be part of your entire protection plan.

Signs and decals might be enough to ward off a novice in Baltimore, but a decal next to your door will not scare off a career criminal. If they fail to find other security measures, they may conclude that the sign is a dummy and your property is not protected.

Back-Up Your Baltimore Home Security Signs With Integrated Security Components

Even though home security signs might deter intrusion on occasion, It’s best not to depend on them as your lone security measure. As an alternative, think about implementing a combination of the ensuing components:

● Video cameras: Let's face it, thieves don’t want to be caught on video as it can be used against them in a legal matter. Consider an outside camera that oversees main areas of entry including front and back doors, garage, and windows.

● Sensors for access points: Most burglars gain access through obvious entry points like windows and doors, so those should be safeguarded by motion and glass break sensors. In the event an alarm trips, your integrated home defense will notify you and your 24-hour monitoring team.

● Motion-sensor floodlights: Although it’s a fact that many invasions occur in broad daylight when you are at work, you must also have a plan to protect against nighttime prowlers. Lights with motion-detection capability placed strategically near your access points will instantly illuminate questionable activity and scare off unwanted guests.

● Smart locking systems and video doorbells: Smart locking systems will inform you when a person attempts to unlock your door. A doorbell camera adds another layer of security by giving you a live video feed. Both of these solutions can be accessed by the security app on your phone.

● Smart light bulbs: A worthwhile home automation tool, smart lighting are able to be put on a daily plan or turned on right from your phone. Smart lights will give the impression you are on-site and effectively discourage thieves.

Start Planning Your Integrated Home Defense Plan

Why would you gamble that standalone home security signs will deter intrusion in Baltimore when you can have an integrated home defense package? Dial (410) 934-3289 or fill out the following form to request assistance. You can choose from a number of packages at budget-friendly rates or customize your security to your needs.

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